North American Dog Sports & Registry (NADSR)                                    

Registration Services

NADSR offers registration for all dogs. Any dog entering a sanctioned event must register with us and the owner must provide a photo of the dog. NADSR registration(photo id only) is now free to any dog entering one of our events.

How do I register my dog?  Simple come to a NADSR event near you and there will be aplications on site for you to fill out. Not going to a event soon just contact us and we will send you what you need. Or just print the application off our hear Litter registration is free contact us and your free puppy papers will be in the mail to you fast.

NADSR registration certificate comes with free 4 gen. pedigree.
life time fee $15

Photo id Card fee $5

NADSR Duel Registration: North American Dog Sports and Registry will duel register dogs from other approved registry or club.
NADSR Duel Registration fee $15
Approved clubs or registry for duel registration are:

Common Breeds: AKC, ACA, APRI, NKC
Bull Breeds & Bulldogges: IOEBA, ARF, ABA, ADBA, RBKC 
Rare Breeds & BID: FIC

Must include photo of dog and 3 generation pedigree.

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