North American Dog Sports & Registry (NADSR)                                    

Renescence Bulldogge

General: Re-creation of a old world working Bulldogge that existed from
about 1820 to 1900.

Weight: Ideal  weight for males and females is 60-90lbs.

Height: at top of shoulder  blade is 17 to 22 inches.

The dog should be alert, with a symmetrical,  well proportioned body. The
dog should cobby, but have the appearance of  a lean hard muscled athlete.

Appearance: Medium sized dog. Powerfully built and showing great strength.

Body: Neck  should be short and nearly wide as the head. Shoulders very
broad and  muscular. Front legs may be slightly bowed or straight. Ribs
well  rounded and chest wide and deep. Back short, slightly roached and
strong. Belly well tucked up. Thighs very muscular. Rear legs neither
pigeon-toed or cow hocked. Fluid movement is of the highest concern. 
Head: Large  in proportion to the body and square. Deeply sunken between
the eyes,  extending up the forehead. Moderately wrinkled. Jaw muscles
large. Lower  jaw turned up and protruding. Bite squared, but undershot.
Large tusks.  Eyes low and wide set. Forehead flat. Muzzle short and
broad. The  muzzle should be 1/4 to 1/3 the total length of the head.
Flews  semi-pendulous. Ears may be either rose or button and should be set
high  and wide. Dewlap will have two folds.

Temperament: Friendly  and outgoing, but a fearless adversary to anyone
who threatens his  master or property. Unfriendliness to strangers isn’t a
defect, although  it’s unusual.

Coat: Short, close and medium fine.  Color: Brindles  (red, grey or
black), Brindle spots on white, Solid White, Black, Fawn  (fawn
variations) solid or with white. A lack of pigment on the nose  & on the
skin around the eyes are undesirable and considered a  cosmetic fault.
Pigments of black, liver and grey are acceptable.

Tail: The  tail on the Renascence Bulldog is is straight or docked (only
in the  USA) & kink free. If the tail is left it should reach to the hock
or  just above. It is acceptable under the breed standard to leave the
tail  natural or to dock it with no preference given to either. In Europe
it  is prohibited to dock the tails. You have to carry a written statement
from your Vet, stating the docked tail is due to medical reasons. Spike
tails & kinked tails are also acceptable tail types under the breed
standard, but they rate behind the docked or straight kink free tail  type
in order of preference. Kinked tails on puppies should be docked  (only in
the USA) to maintain a clean look to the dog. A screw tail is  considered
a structural fault.

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